An adventure to create Asia’s premium chocolates begins…

In 1972, John was a young man intrigued by the wondrous variety of food in his homeland Singapore. He journeyed across the country to experience rich and flavoured dishes – making him want to travel even further. John’s quest lead him to new and exotic locations, tasting delicacies across the world.

This food lover knew he would spend life spreading the excitement of interesting food to the world. It was chocolate however, his most loved sweet treat and comfort food, that John wanted to focus on.

His world travels allowed him to reach out to connections and source some of the best ingredients across the planet. With premium cocoa beans from Ghana, the finest milk powder from New Zealand and manufacturing technologies from Austria, he set out to create top quality chocolates.

John’s passion and commitments to provide superior chocolates has been passed down through his family and has created what Daiana chocolates is today.