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Daiana Food: Our Story....

Here at Daiana Food, we take food seriously! Before we started this family business in 2011, our family has for 50 years back invested in various food industries prior to the introduction of Daiana brand. We love to eat, and we want to share our passion in enjoying premium foods with you.

Our Promise to Our Customers

Our customers deserve to have the best!

In many circumstances where some profit-driven food companies compromise with qualities of their offerings as priority of their businesses. On the other hand, we have set our righteous motto uncompromisingly since day one in our business, of which, everyone deserves high-quality food at fair prices.

To achieve this mission, we have been sourcing our ingredients from the countries which best fit to produce those specific ingredients, and we have never compromised quality for whatsoever reason including but not limited to the purpose of cost savings. We believe in the fundamental of delivering best foodstuffs come from the best source of origin to fulfill the pre-requisite of ensuring our customers always enjoy rich, delicious, high-quality foods at affordable prices!

Our Products


In Daiana Food, we take pride in providing our customers with a wide variety of chocolates, nuts, and canned foods.

We offer an extensive line of chocolates packed with premium ingredients such as cocoa butter. Although it’s a high-priced ingredient to produce, our customers being satisfied in deserving our rich, luxurious, melt-in-your-mouth chocolate!

Additionally, we sell a wide selection of canned foods consisting fruits, meats and more. We take extra pride in our canned meat products which are manufactured locally in Singapore and always adhering to high-quality food standards for production.

Finally, our nuts are second to none. We have been doing constant research on which locations producing the highest quality nuts, till drilling down till the best source of origin such as almonds from the United States and macadamia nuts from Australia. And we never stop and contented to the complacency of our perfection, we also source only whole and jumbo size nuts to ensure the quality is just as good as the taste.

Currently, you can find our products online and on local supermarket shelves in Singapore and Malaysia. Keep an eye out for us as we expand our delivery services worldwide.

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